Hi girls!

I’m so glad you stopped by! Whether you’re a mom, a single girl, a married girl, or just a girl looking to strengthen your relationship with God, I know that your time is valuable!

I pray that this website is a place where you can push “pause” from the busyness of life ~ if just for a moment ~ and be encouraged in a way that will help you KNOW and UNDERSTAND God (Jer. 9:24) just a little more!

My prayer is also that you would share what you learn here with those special women in your life.
All of us are searching for God, His love, and His grace in some way, and hopefully, you’ll light up another woman’s life with that same love and grace!

I’m so excited for us to walk this journey together!

Recent Posts

Forgive Them Anyway

Jun 10, 2019

We can all attest to the pain and hurt caused by friends, family, coworkers, bosses, and even perfect strangers. I know that you’ve had your fair share of that pain. I have too. I grew up in a household where the reconciliation process between friends and family members was mandated until it became a habit….

Don’t Miss It

Jun 3, 2019

Hello! My name is Hannah and I suffer from a severe case of a disease called “FOMO.” What is “FOMO” you ask? FOMO stands for “Fear Of Missing Out.”  I have a Type A personality and love to be around all of the people… all of the time! Nothing makes me happier than to be…


May 27, 2019

I love the way God uses His Word to speak to me. One morning while reading through the M’Cheyne Reading Plan, I came across the words “And behold.” I was so attracted the word “behold” I circled it and moved on to my next reading. This plan brings you through two chapters in the Old…