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A personal story of healing found in a journey through the book of Ruth.

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In Redemption, Heidi peels back the layers of what can be a very emotionally charged subject: family. She delves into the good…and the not so good.

Heidi takes you through her personal journey of family and redemption by sharing her own story, perspective, mistakes, and life lessons that God has taught her through the book of Ruth. It is a story that gives all families hope, no matter how far its members have strayed away or how broken they have become.

Regardless of your background, your past, your sins, and your mistakes; regardless of your family name, reputation, and upbringing; regardless of what people have said you would never do or never become, when God redeems you, He also redeems your story! The wonder of redemption is that it restores us to a place of greater blessing than we experienced before the unfortunate losses in our lives.

As you read, you will take an in-depth look into the lives of two women and their Kinsman Redeemer, their victories, their losses, and how their obedience led them to a life of REDEMPTION. The story of redemption and restoration is a beautiful one, and it can be a beautiful story in your life as well!

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