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Hello! My name is Hannah and I suffer from a severe case of a disease called “FOMO.”

What is “FOMO” you ask? FOMO stands for “Fear Of Missing Out.” 

I have a Type A personality and love to be around all of the people… all of the time! Nothing makes me happier than to be in the presence of people enjoying life, laughing, and being in the moment. 

I don’t want to miss a thing in life. And when I cannot go to that dinner, trip, celebration, etc. with friends, I suffer from “FOMO.” I hate missing out on all the fun! 

That has certainly translated into my personal walk with the Lord, but that hasn’t always been the case.

Over the last few months, I have been coming back to Psalm 92 in the Passion Translation over and over again, because I just cannot get over verses 5 and 6. 

Psalm 92:5-6 says, “What mighty miracles and your power at work, just to name a few. Depths of purpose and layers of meaning saturate everything you do. Such amazing mysteries found within every miracle that nearly everyone seems to miss.”

I read this chapter in a season of my life where it felt like everything that could possibly happen in my life was happening and I just couldn’t keep up. I will spare you the details, but trust me when I say, I was overwhelmed, I was stressed out, I was carrying new weight in my responsibilities with my job, I was exhausted, I was anxious, and on top of that, I thought it was a good idea of get a dog in the middle of all that! Call me crazy. Ha! 

Have you ever been there? Where it isn’t just one thing happening in your life… it is E V E R Y T H I N G happening at once! The good, the bad, and the ugly.

That was me… with my head exploding every five minutes when “something else” would come up and I would go into “freak out mode” – because “FOMO” and I don’t like to miss out 😉 

Then I came to Psalms 92 one morning, and I read those verses that say “depths of purpose and layers of meaning saturate everything that God does. In fact, what He does is so incredible, and so mysterious, that nearly everyone seems to miss it.” 

AND IT HIT ME LIKE A MACK TRUCK! I was a part of the “everyone” that seems to miss the layers of meanings in the miracles that God is doing. 

I was missing people. I was missing growth opportunities. I was missing wisdom from others. I was missing the whispers of God. I was missing opportunities to praise God even when I didn’t get what I was praying for… YET. I was trying to do everything all the time in all the ways, and in reality… I was doing nothing. I was MISSING the miracle in the moment. 

Our lives can be packed full of things to do, people to see, and places to go. That is life. But a full life does not mean a chaotic life. That’s our choice. I was allowing the people, events, moments, and emotions dictate how my days went. 

But after reading Ps. 92:5-6, I realized something that I hope brings great encouragement to wherever you are in the season of life you are in… we have a choice as to who or what we are going to keep our eyes on. 

Eyes on our circumstances?


Eyes on our God?

When I realized this, my prayers started to change because God was working on my heart. Instead of praying “Lord, why is this happening?”, I started to pray “Lord, show me the depths of purpose and layers of meaning in what you are doing here. I don’t want to miss a thing.” 

Sweet Lord, did I start to see things differently! My days looked different, my conversations looked differently, my thoughts looked different, and most importantly my reactions looked different. 

When it feels like our lives are coming apart at the seams, I want to encourage you to ask the Lord to show you the depths of purpose and layers of meaning in your circumstance. Because I want to encourage you in this, God is a God of purpose and intention, and everything that He touches ultimately turns good. 

My circumstances didn’t change, and guess what saints… they still haven’t changed to this day. But the Lord started a work in changing my heart that day, and every day my prayer is the same. 

Lord, show me the depths of purpose and layers of meaning in what you are doing here. I don’t want to miss a thing.

That is my prayer for each of you reading this devotional. That everyday that you show up, you wouldn’t miss one thing of what God is doing. 

I know without a shadow of a doubt God is so proud of each one of you and the faithful work you are doing day in and day out. HE doesn’t miss a thing, and you won’t either when your eyes are on Him. 🙂

Keep running after Him with everything you’ve got!

I believe in you more than you know.

11 thoughts on “Don’t Miss It

  1. This was the exact word I needed to hear from our Lord! Thank you for sharing your gift with us, As I laid my circumstance at the foot of the cross, knowing His works are always for our good, this word brings me hope and I will pray the Lord shows me the depths of His purpose and layers of meaning in what He is doing through this circumstance! God Bless You and keep you safe! Love you sweet girl!

  2. Such a revelation 🤗 thanks for the inspiration. Women of all ages, in all seasons, feel that way. I think it is because we think we should do all and be all. Instead, we should slow down and give God a chance to direct our paths; His plans are so much better 😊

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