When Anxiety Was Great Within Me

“When anxiety is great within me, Your consolation (comfort) brought joy to my soul.” ~ Psalm 94:19 (NIV)

There is not a person on the planet that has not experienced some kind of anxiety during their lifetime. Truth be told, most people experience anxiety every single day. In the world that we live in today, anxiety comes to us from all directions: from the news, from our phones, computers, workplaces, schools, relationships, etc. Even children are experiencing anxiety at record levels.

The definition of anxiety is: “an extreme uneasiness of the mind; to have worry, doubt or fear.”

How often are our minds “uneasy”? Filled with worry, doubt or fear?

I do find it interesting that God’s Word states: “WHEN anxiety is great with me… “, as if we can count on anxiety coming to us. I don’t think we can escape the anxiety that comes with living in a fallen, sinful world. But I do know what the Bible tells us to do with our anxiety… we are to bring our anxieties to Him.

Another version (ESV) says it this way: “When the cares of my heart are many, Your consolation (comfort) cheers my soul.”

It is possible to have JOY in our hearts during troubled times, but we have to bring our worries, our doubts, our fears, and our anxieties to God. To the One who can handle them when we cannot. To the One who can carry them when no longer can.  

Psalm 93:1b (TPT) assures our anxious hearts: “God sits SECURELY on His throne. He is in charge of it all, the entire world, and He knows what He is doing!”

How reassuring is that?!

No matter what is happening in our world or in our individual lives, GOD IS SECURELY ON HIS THRONE! Absolutely NOTHING will jolt Him out of His position as King of the earth! And because of that promise, we shouldn’t allow anything or anyone to jolt us out of our assurance, our peace, and our faith in knowing that “God is in charge of it all!”

If you are walking through anxious days, please rest in the truth that God really does know what He is doing, and He has everything concerning your worries and fears in His control. You must trust that fact! Allow your heart and mind to rest in the comfort of His love and the reassurance that God will never leave you alone to face the anxieties of this world!

The comfort that is promised to us and the joy that accompanies it comes only when we realize that our Heavenly Father is walking with us, leading and guiding us, even through our most anxious days.

Will you bring those anxieties and cares to Him today?  

Let’s pray this prayer together, sweet friend:

“Oh God, I am overcome with anxiety and worry today. Please forgive me for looking to my circumstances and my surroundings, instead of looking to You. I believe Your Word when it says that even though my anxiety may be great, Your comfort will bring me joy. I believe that You sit securely on Your throne and that You are in charge of all that is happening in my life. I ask for Your peace, Your assurance, and Your love to flood over my heart and mind right now.  I lay my worries, my doubts, my fears and my anxieties at Your feet, Jesus. Please carry this weight that I can no longer carry. I trust that You are working on my behalf, even if I cannot see it. As I draw close to you Jesus, I pray that You will draw close to me.

Thank You for Your peace and Your love that I feel in my heart now. I receive Your joy today in Jesus’ name!


4 thoughts on “When Anxiety Was Great Within Me

    1. Overcoming anxiety is one of my biggest testimonies. I didn’t realize why God was allowing it to creep back into my life, especially now that I had given my life to Him. But He showed me and made me realize just what you said so beautifully, how to give it all to Him and how to rely solely on the Holy Spirit. And now I am thankful for going through that storm because such growth has come from it. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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