The Year of Promise

Something happened to me this past Christmas Eve that has never happened to me in my lifetime. I have never had God speak to me a specific “word” for a new upcoming year… until now. While I have had God give me direction, clarity, and encouragement for a new year, I had not heard Him speak so clearly and directly one specific word, until that Christmas Eve service.

The word was: PROMISE

I knew it was the voice of God that spoke that word to me, because during that Christmas Eve service, I was not even thinking of the new year or what God might be saying to me. I was only a couple of weeks post-knee replacement surgery, was on strong medication 🙂 and was simply trying to maneuver around on my cane as this was my first outing since my surgery.

So when I heard God speak “PROMISE” to me so clearly, I knew it was something I needed to pay attention to. As I further prayed and asked God for more clarity, I heard Him once again speak to me: “Heidi, this will be a year of great promise to you, your family and your church.” I became overwhelmed with emotion as I pondered the words I just heard.

You see, probably like you, God has spoken so many things to me over the years and given me so many of His promises (either through God’s Word, or through God’s people).  Many promises of which I have yet see come to pass. And like you, I can sometimes grow weary in waiting on the promises of God. So Him speaking that word to me allowed my faith to soar!

“The days are coming, declares the Lord, when I will fulfill the GOOD PROMISE I made to the people of Israel and Judah (God’s people).”Jeremiah 33:14 (NLT)

What promises of God are you still believing for? Have you also grown weary while waiting to see those promises fulfilled? My sweet friend, you are not alone!

Throughout the Bible, we see men and women of God waiting for their promises also. Abraham and Sarah waited 25 years for their promised son, Isaac. The children of Israel waited 40 years (by their own doing however) to enter the Promised Land. David waited 25+ years before he was officially crowned as the king of Israel. Generation after generation waited a lifetime for God’s promise of a Redeemer and Savior to come to the world.

Part of the plan of God in receiving our promises is the waiting. And how we posture our hearts during the wait is key to seeing those promises fulfilled.

Here’s a few things I have learned about waiting for God’s promises over the years:

(1) Waiting reveals our own hearts to us.

It is amazing what comes out of our hearts when we are waiting on a promise from God! Things we never knew were there are revealed to us while we wait.

(2) Waiting brings the right perspective.

While we wait on God’s promises, He uses the “wait” to show us the bigger picture, show us a better perspective, while giving us a greater appreciation for when our promises do come.

(3) Waiting helps build our trust in God.

Real trust is built while we wait. Either we trust Him or we don’t. Either we believe His word is true when it states God’s promises will come, or we don’t. God will allow us to walk through hard seasons so that our trust in Him can be strengthened.

(4) Waiting allows the character of Christ to be forged in our hearts.

God is working in your heart even if you don’t see it right away. He is forging His character in you during your times of waiting, so that when your promise does come, your heart is ready to receive those promises!

“So let us not get tired (weary) of doing what is good.  At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.”  Galatians 6:9 (NLT)

I am praying and believing that this will be the year of PROMISE for you and your family also!

The definition of PROMISE is “a declaration that someone will do something.”

If God promised you something, HE WILL DO IT!

Just do not grow weary in your waiting for those promises… they are coming!

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