Singing in the Dark

My husband and I have lived in the country for over a year now and we still love it! The sounds of nature are magnified in the countryside: birds chirping, cows mooing, chickens cackling, the breeze blowing through the trees ~ nature singing its own song.

It’s no wonder that God’s Word tells us to “be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). We really do have to “be still” to hear all that God wants to speak to us and often times, He uses nature to speak.

We are on the cusp of a changing season here in South Louisiana. Spring is knocking on our door and I am gladly swinging the door wide open!! 🙂 Not only are the gorgeous colors of green slowly returning to our grasses and trees, the birds are beginning to sing. Early in the pre-dawn hours, I hear the songs of the birds once again.

I have not heard their songs during the winter months.  Most of the birds migrated even further south for the winter. But I know spring is coming when I not only see the birds with my eyes, I hear them with my ears.  Before the sun even rises, the songs of the birds are in the air. And what beautiful songs they are!

As I heard their songs, even this very morning, I began thinking of the spiritual meaning their songs have for us. The birds don’t wait until the sun rises to sing. They sing knowing the sun is soon coming. They don’t wait for spring to officially appear on our calendars. They sing knowing that it’s coming, regardless of what the calendar says. They don’t wait until someone tells them to sing, or wait for right circumstances to sing…they just sing their song!

What a beautiful lesson we can learn from nature! Perhaps we need to follow the example of God’s creation and begin to sing our own song…even while it’s still dark!  Maybe the season in your life has not officially changed yet either. Do not allow that to keep you from singing your song, knowing in faith, that your change of season is soon coming also! Don’t wait for an official announcement from God that your season has changed. Begin singing your song of new life, of joy, of hope, of expectancy…sing your song of a new season that is coming!

“Let the sunrise of your love end our dark night…filling us with songs of joy!” (Psalm 90:14 TPT)

But you will have to still your life, your mind, your busyness because your song must first play in your heart before it can overflow into your life.

Your song is there, my sweet friend.  I promise you it is!!

You might not have heard your song in your heart, or sung your song of a new coming season in a very long time, but I promise you…YOUR SONG IS THERE!

You have to BE STILL and listen for it.

Remember, just as with the birds, before you “see” your new season, you will first “hear” its song in your heart.  You have to listen to the gentle, sweet, tender voice of your Heavenly Father reassuring you that a new season is coming. You will have to listen for the song…to its beautiful chorus…and to the reassuring hope that a new season is just around the corner!!

As you enter into a new season in the natural, begin listening for a new season in your heart first. Get up before dawn, listen for the songs of the birds, then take your cue from them…AND SING YOUR SONG!!

5 thoughts on “Singing in the Dark

  1. Each year when that fresh spring air blows I literally think of you ! Knowing it’s your favorite , and that your doors and windows are open letting it all in makes me smile 😊
    Thank you for this sweet reminder. To be still and know a new season is coming. Change is coming ❤️

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